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If you’re like most people, you have seen the most unique engagement rings and the cheapest wedding rings, but have you ever considered what about these engagement rings and wedding rings moves you personally? In other words, when you see an engagement ring or wedding ring, what design elements does it need to feature to get your blood flowing faster? Is it large diamonds or diamonds of a certain color? Or are you attracted to sensational designs, where even cubic zirconia engagement rings excite you, as long as the design elicits a wow reaction? Giving this engagement ring topic some thought could really help open your eyes to the bigger picture and save you many hours of searching through engagement rings and wedding rings that could not possibly make the cut. Imagine spending hours searching through diamond engagement rings just to realize, after a week long search, that there are two design characteristics in common, among all of the engagement rings that got you to look at them closely – the romantic component in a rose gold engagement ring and princess cut diamonds. Or imagine a week long search in which you have come across everything from cz engagement rings to Italian engagement rings, just to find out that you are mainly attracted to one major design element – large stones, regardless of whether they are diamond, gemstones or cubic zirconia. Can you imagine how much time you would have saved throughout your search, had this information been available sooner? In this issue of DT Era we offer examples of some common design elements of engagement rings and wedding rings that appeal to the public, some of them even wedding rings under 100 dollars, to help get our readers on the right track in their search.

unique engagement ring
unique wedding ring

Rather than starting with the basics, we will jump right into the heart of engagement rings and wedding rings extravaganzas. What moves one individual often does nothing to the other, and both engagement rings and wedding rings are a perfect example to demonstrate the validity of this statement. Take a minute to review the engagement ring and wedding ring shown above. Do you love or hate these rings, or are you in-between? If you like them, then chances are good that you are a fan of sharp corners, and should consider focusing on engagement rings and wedding rings that offer avant-garde designs with sharp corners. If you hate the engagement and wedding rings pictured above, then you likely should avoid spending any time on avant-garde engagement ring and wedding ring designs, as it will most likely be a waste of your time. If you are somewhere in between, then perhaps sharp corners are not a determining factor in what moves you in the context of engagement rings and wedding rings.

affordable wedding ring
affordable engagement ring

In many cases, understanding what your favorite engagement rings and wedding rings have in common involves noticing what these rings do not have, rather what they do have. For instance, you may discover that you are moved by cz engagement rings and wedding rings, due to their common denominator – the absence of diamonds. On the other hand you may notice that you are moved by engagement rings and wedding rings that do not have side stones, which is certainly not uncommon. Can you tell what the engagement ring and wedding ring above have in common? Do you like these engagement and wedding rings? Chances are, if you love these designs, you should consider taking a closer look at engagement rings and wedding rings that are not symmetrical, as that is the common denominator among these two rings.

unique wedding ring
affordable engagement ring

Last but not least for this discussion, we touch on a topic that has recently generated significant growth in popularity. Unique wedding rings and affordable engagement rings have circulated the industry for many decades, but at some point engagement ring and wedding ring designers were forced to uncover additional ways to differentiate their designs. Can you tell what the common denominator is between the engagement ring and wedding ring above? This is a category of engagement and wedding rings that is commonly referred to as contemporary engagement rings and contemporary wedding rings. Note that the engagement ring in this example features white gold and diamonds, whereas the wedding ring features a pink cz stone and a 14k gold bonded crystal alloy shank. Contemporary wedding rings and unique wedding rings are a different breed, but if you like these two designs, then you may want to consider giving different contemporary engagement and wedding ring designs a closer look.

Hopefully by now you either know exactly what about engagement rings and wedding rings move you, or at least know where to start looking to get there. Remember, there is an infinite number of theoretically possible design elements and, therefore, combinations. For this reason we could not possibly offer insight on every single potential common denominator between every engagement ring and wedding ring, to help you find the perfect designs for you. The goal was to encourage you to closely examine the common characteristics of those engagement rings and wedding rings that appeal to you, to help you focus more on similar designs and avoiding wasting time on designs that you would never buy.

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