Summer Weddings and Wedding Rings

Can you believe that June is underway and summer of 2015 is almost here? As wedding dates are approaching, some people may be realizing that they have reached their wedding budget a bit prematurely and it’s time to re-evaluate. But of course this doesn’t include you, right? You are innocent until proven guilty, so don’t admit to anything just yet. And before you build slack into your budget, we may have some cheap wedding rings for you to consider. This is, of course, predicated on the fact that you have a good idea as to the dollar amount you can spend on the wedding ring, which is a no brainer, right? If your budget is around $1,500 then you can certainly justify looking through some designer Italian wedding rings. For $500-1,000 there are some truly unique wedding rings that burn eyes with fire and scintillation, both in and away from the sun. And if you are looking for wedding rings under 100 dollars, we can’t help you. Just kidding! All price points present us with unique opportunities to purchase wedding rings with certain benefits and limitations. We always remind our readers that the price of wedding rings dictates materials but not design. So a $1,500 Italian wedding ring will feature 18K gold and natural diamonds, whereas a cheap wedding ring under $100 will tend to be limited to sterling silver and cubic zirconia, but all price points render the ability to acquire a beautiful wedding ring that matches our tastes and personalities. In this issue of DT Era we address all three of these price points, to help our readers choose the best wedding ring for the ultimate summer 2015 wedding.

Italian wedding ring

Italian wedding rings bring out our sophisticated side, often with extreme innovation and styles that go against the grain. The above pictured 3D Italian wedding ring masterpiece redefines gravity in the context of design. With an 18 karat white gold curved and interwoven shank, this wedding ring features 1/6 of a carat in breathtaking Italian round brilliant hand cut diamonds. With this Italian wedding ring you are looking modernization in the eye.

unique wedding ring

Unique wedding rings give us the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, while staying within our allotted budgets. The classic wedding ring design is rudimentary by nature, offering little room for experimentation. The unique wedding ring pictured above, however, presents somewhat of an unusually asymmetrical diamond sequence pattern, where the human eye automatically wanders without a focal point. With 3/4 in total round cut diamond weight, a shank in white gold and a price tag well under $1,000, it is safe to say that this unique wedding ring offers unprecedented value at an unprecedented low price.

wedding ring under 100
wedding ring under 100

Cheap wedding rings under 100 dollars create opportunities that used to exist only in theory. Take a $3,500 diamond wedding ring, replace the gold with sterling silver and diamonds with cz stones, and you have a cheap wedding ring under $100. Sounds simple and theory, right? You may remember your parents telling you to eat your vegetables, as they work miracles for your health. Sounds simple in theory, right? The first wedding ring pictured above features ridiculous attention to detail, with Roman numerals covering the circumference of the sterling silver shank, accompanied by clear cubic zirconia stones. The second eternity wedding ring features a sterling silver shank with gorgeous, pink ice cz and clear cz, emulating what would have been a $2,000-$3,000 wedding ring, if this had been produced in white gold with diamonds replacing the cz stones.

Contrary to common belief, wedding rings have immense aesthetic potential. Similar to cz engagement rings, which also offer curved and interwoven shanks, unique stone arrangements as well as the classic solitaire, three stone and side stone designs. Whatever your budget is, there is a wedding ring design that will sweep you off your feet. We end this issue of DT Era with an unusual suggestion – Italian wedding rings will sweep you off your feet like no other, and you get married once (or twice) in your life, so go big or go home!

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