When All Else Fails

There comes a point in an engagement ring search when people hit a breaking point. If you are focusing on affordable engagement rings, every engagement ring store tries to convince you that their engagement rings are the cheapest. If you are browsing through unique engagement rings, every engagement ring store claims that their engagement rings are the most exclusive. And finally, when you’re just looking through engagement rings to develop a profile of what suits her best, every engagement ring store tries to make you believe that they have the best engagement ring selection, and that you should buy from them. At some point, you’ve had it. The boiling point differs from one person to the next, but when this point is reached, most people feel stress, anxiety and simply become overwhelmed. The good news is, we are dedicating this issue of DT Era to this very issue, as it affects millions of people shopping for engagement rings, worldwide.

The first step to overcoming the over-stimulation of engagement ring sales ploys is to take a 24-hour brake with absolutely no exposure to engagement rings, preferably even in conversation. Once the 24 hours expire and the slate is wiped clean, we go back to grass roots – where did you begin your engagement ring search? If you started with a childhood engagement ring fantasy, go back to it. If you started with a local engagement ring store, return to the store. The purpose of going back to grass roots is to start your engagement ring search from scratch. Only this time, you have already seen enough engagement rings and have obtained enough knowledge that will guide you the second time around. Lets illustrate a few examples.

princess cut engagement ring

Suppose you started your engagement ring search in the princess cut engagement rings section with the solitaire engagement ring shown above. You realized that this particular princess cut engagement ring is too simple for your taste, but after an exhaustive search came up with no winner. After a 24-hour break you returned to this solitaire engagement ring with a fresh start and infinitely more knowledge. You are now aware that princess cut diamonds tend to be cheaper than their round diamond counterparts because they retain more of the rough. In addition, you take into account the romantic component of princess cut engagement rings, and decide that the engagement ring you buy must feature a princess cut diamond.

princess cut engagement ring

And after a few more hours of searching, your fresh start and education pay off, and you find this amazing, sophisticated square halo diamond engagement ring with a gorgeous infinity shank in white gold and a sensational princess cut center diamond.

heart engagement ring

Now envision that you began your engagement ring search with heart engagement rings and found this design in yellow gold. You appreciate the romantic implications of a heart engagement ring, but after spending weeks looking through heart engagement rings you conclude that the ones you have seen are all too similar and generic. You feel overwhelmed, so you take 24 hours off and return to one of the first heart engagement rings you looked at, in the very beginning of your search.

heart engagement ring

When you return to your engagement ring search, 24 hours later, the slate is wiped clean and you are more engagement ring savvy. You return to grass roots and look at one of the first heart engagement rings you remember seeing, in the very beginning of your search, and then it hits you – you want something exotic and contemporary. You are looking for a heart engagement ring that will tickle your aesthetic senses. A quick search for exotic heart engagement rings unveils, among others, this Italian three stone heart engagement ring design and, just like that, your search is finally over.

The engagement ring examples above are meant to illustrate the bigger picture – finding the perfect engagement ring your first go around is not always possible. Take your time, keep an open mind and remember to breath as you sift through the millions of engagement rings out there. Also keep in mind the fact that in some cases, you may need to repeat the 24 hour process multiple times, and as you become more and more educated with respect to engagement rings, eventually the perfect engagement ring will appear right in front of you.

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