To Symmetry or Not to Symmetry

We start this issue with a question, do you prefer symmetrical engagement rings or asymmetrical engagement rings? If you are not ready to answer this question just yet, not to worry. With thousands of engagement ring designs out there and all engagement ring stores attempting to position themselves as having the best cheap engagement rings, the most unique engagement rings or simply the most beautiful engagement rings, we want to go in a different direction. What are some of the benefits and implications as a whole of engagement rings with and without symmetry? For example, if you look through one hundred non diamond engagement rings, where 95% are symmetrical, are you likely to find this lineup appealing or repelling? And now reverse the scenario and 95% of, say, cz engagement rings you are looking at are asymmetrical. Are you likely to enjoy looking at this collection, or is it “too out there” for your taste? In this issue of DT Era we examine engagement rings both symmetrical and asymmetrical, covering some of the aspects that appeal to some a d repel others.

unique engagement ring

We start with unique engagement rings, as unique engagement rings are perhaps the least expected engagement ring category to show symmetry. As you can see, however, this unique engagement ring is in fact symmetrical. Think solitaire diamond engagement ring split down the middle, rotated to the opposite sides along the center axis, adding three rows of side stones to complete the design. Do you find this unique engagement ring appealing or repelling?

unique engagement ring

Next we examine a unique asymmetrical engagement ring, with a gorgeous split shank in white gold, a round cut diamond halo and an additional diamond wrap, extending from the split shank. This engagement ring initially featured just a split shank and a classic halo, but the symmetry was disturbed by extending one of the strands of the split shank to wrap the halo. Are you attracted to this engagement ring design?

unique engagement ring

The concept of symmetry applies to cz engagement rings just as readily as it applies to the diamond engagement rings we covered. In the case of this cz engagement ring, the symmetry was disturbed with an additional extension of the shank, rose (pink) gold plated to give this cz engagement ring design additional edge. Notice the difference rendered by just one piece of rose gold plated metal, applied to one side of the engagement ring and not the other. Now envision this cz engagement ring without the pink gold metal. Which cz engagement ring version do you like better?

Now let’s pose the question again – which engagement rings do you prefer, symmetrical or asymmetrical? Keep in mind that having a preference does not automatically render the purchase of one type of engagement ring or another. It may, however, help you expediate your engagement ring search by allowing you to eliminate those engagement rings that you are least likely to find attractive. In this issue of DT Era our goal was to help you understand your own engagement ring pallet, since the more you understand about yourself, the shorter your engagement ring search will ultimately be.

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