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When the engagement ring search begins, we all want cheap engagement rings with designer quality and unique characteristics. But have you ever considered the implications your lifestyle will have on the particular engagement ring you or your significant other selected? For instance, if you lead a very active lifestyle, hiking and working out, with your hands constantly rubbing trees, asphalt, rocks, workout dumbbells and more, how will these activities affect a designer engagement ring with tall diamond prongs and a delicate pave diamond arrangement? Or when it comes to designer wedding rings, how will your active lifestyle affect an eternity wedding band with delicate round diamonds set along the entire circumference of the shank? In this issie of DT Era we examine various designs of engagement rings and wedding rings to make some recommendations with regard to design elements to watch out for, when leading an active lifestyle.

Italian wedding ring

We start with this gorgeous Italian wedding ring, featuring three flowers produced with a total of 21 round brilliant cut diamonds. First, the shank is produced in 18 karat white gold, which is 75% gold and relatively soft. Constant friction against asphalt, wood and dumbbells will shave layers off the metal, eventually rendering it too thin. In addition, you may have noticed that the diamond prongs are relatively tall. Combine this with the soft 18k gold and constant friction will likely bend or break the prongs over time, causing the diamonds to fall out.

Italian engagement ring

Next we examine this insatiably unique, Italian three stone trilogy engagement ring. Again, the shank is produced in 18k white gold, which means soft. But this Italian engagement ring has an additional weakness – the diamonds are propped high by the extensions of the shank and the diamond prongs. Can you envision using a punching bag with this engagement ring on your finger? The beautiful delicate prongs, tall shank and the delicate design of this Italian engagement ring make it all the more risky for someone for someone with an active lifestyle.

Italian engagement ring

Lastly, we look at this beautiful Italian east-west Italian solitaire diamond engagement ring. The shank is still an 18 karat white gold masterpiece, but the four prongs holding the Italian round diamond are shorter. While this Italian engagement ring is still delicate and prone to breaking, it is far less fragile than the previous two engagement rings we examined.

When it comes to active life styles, engagement rings and wedding rings should be considered accordingly. Complex and delicate engagement ring designs will generally not fare well when they regularly come in contact with materials that increase wear and tear. In addition, for people with active lifestyles, we generally recommend either 10k or 14k gold, as these options contain a higher percentage of resilient metals, less prone to breakage as well as wear and tear. Hopefully this issue of DT Era will help guide you, as you embark on the journey of selecting not only the perfect style of engagement and wedding ring, but also the type of engagement ring that will last you for life with the proper recommended maintenance.

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