After the Final Rose

Engagements and weddings can be, and often are, stressful and exhilarating at the same time. Weeks, months or even a year before the engagement you filter through thousands of affordable engagement rings to find your match. After the proposal you work on finding unique wedding rings to match your personalities and make it count. The next step is matching wedding jewelry, which is an art and science in and of itself. Planning the wedding does not help matters, as the process tends to take an emotional toll, especially on the bride. Finally, the wedding is over and you breathe a sigh of relief – the overwhelming process of sifting through thousands of unique engagement rings to find the perfect diamond and perfect design is over, although actually this process has just begun.

Despite the fact that we often treat the engagement ring and wedding search, leading up to the wedding, as the be-all and end-all, if you proposed with a unique engagement ring, the jewelry expectations only grow from that point forward. While there are many different ways to make her feel special, those who produce wonderful affordable engagement rings are also capable of producing unique designer diamond rings. For that matter, diamond earrings and diamond necklaces are also fair game, so brace yourself as we proceed to offer some ideas as to help make her feel special with the help of jewelry.

Italian ring

Much like Italian engagement rings speak for themselves, Italian rings do the same. You may recall a previous issue of DT Era, where we discussed labor as one of the determining factors of the price of engagement rings and wedding rings. Creating the mold for this Italian diamond ring takes approximately seventeen master jeweler labor hours. Don’ feel bad if it is out of your price range – you are not alone, but what an amazing anniversary gift this ring would be!

Italian ring

We move on to this Italian diamond gemstone ring masterpiece. A 3 1/3 carat blue sapphire and 1 1/3 carat total diamond weight are set in an elaborate royal crown design in 18 karat white gold. There are ring, there are Italian diamond rings, and then there are royal Italian diamond ring master works of art. This diamond ring is a sure way to her heart, but with a price tag of almost $10,000, this is a birthday gift you may need to save for!

Check out this Italian two-heart interwoven necklace. Produced in 18 karat white gold, this romantic necklace sets the perfect mood for Valentine’s day and anniversary alike. With a gorgeous 18 inch chain and universal design characteristics, this necklace will fit her favorite outfit and put a smile on her face.

Do you feel ready to step into the world of marriage and continue to surprise her with beautiful rings, necklaces and earrings that will take her breath away? After the wedding your journey has only begun, and there is plenty of beautiful jewelry for you to keep her on her toes. Remember to keep an open mind and expand your pallet. As your relationship develops, you will know which piece of jewelry she will fall in love with the minute you see it.

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