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It all starts with an idea, and black diamond engagement rings took some time to become accepted by the general public. Black is the absence of color, and many associate black with negativity. Although one could argue about the existence of a sinister character in black diamond engagement rings, fashion and style are an expression of self, so if one chooses to incorporate black into their style, does this make them right or wrong? Think about how much black we wear in an everyday setting. From black shoes to black belts, dresses and everything else, the average person incorporates more black in their style than they may realize. Black diamond engagement rings are nothing more than an extension of a certain style, which may repel some but ignite the aesthetic pallets of others. As always we begin by analyzing the various styles of black engagement rings out there, whether they are cheap engagement rings or high end designs. For the most part, these styles include your traditional designs, such as black diamond solitaire engagement rings, three stone trilogy, halo, side stone and more. But in this issue of DT Era we will also show you some black diamond engagement rings that are only available with black diamonds – not with clear diamonds, not with gemstones and not even with cubic zirconia.

black diamond engagement ring

Engagement rings under 500 dollars are a goldmine for black diamond engagement rings, bringing to the table immense value on top of design complexity and sophistication. The engagement ring above is priced at only $419, given a white gold shank and a gorgeous two-arrow design with over a carat in total black diamond weight. If you’re a fan of black diamond engagement rings, this design commends a second look.

black diamond engagement ring

Italian engagement rings represent nothing but sophistication. The engagement ring above offers an 18k split white gold shank with a heart stopping design, consisting of a white gold connection joint, a third of a carat in clear Italian round brilliant cut diamonds and 1/8 of a carat in Italian round cut black diamonds. This insatiable design is available only as a black diamond engagement ring.

black diamond engagement ring

Cheap engagement rings under 200 dollars offer us some noteworthy black cz engagement ring designs. The engagement ring shown above features a beautiful shank in silver tone with a vintage milgrain pattern, and a gorgeous large black cz center stone set in a prong setting. At a price well below $200 this engagement ring is a steal.

black diamond wedding ring

Lastly, there are also plenty of cheap wedding rings with black diamonds. Black diamond wedding rings were presumably introduced to match their black diamond engagement ring counterparts. The black diamond wedding ring above offers a very traditional white gold shank with a row of quarter carat channel set round cut black diamonds. If your black diamond engagement ring is traditional and calls for a matching black diamond wedding ring, this one is certainly a good design to consider.

Black diamond engagement rings are not the problem, they are the solution for those who see black diamonds in terms of the style and beauty they bring to the table, rather than their falsely perceived negativity. If you are already a fan of black diamond engagement rings, research away. If you are not, consider giving a few black diamond designs a chance to see how they complement your look. In the end, as long as you wear that which expresses who you truly are, you could not possibly go wrong.

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